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Dodo: A code generation tool for Designer 8.5.1

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If you are a Notes developer the single best feature in Designer 8.5.1 is the new Lotusscript editor. The editor finally brings Lotusscript development into the 1980's with a built-in class browser and some other neat features.

Note: IBM Domino Designer 8.5.1 beta is pre-release code. The finished product might be different from the beta.

Now that we have a class browser it can make good sense to write object-oriented classes to control access to underlying Domino data.

For example, if we have a Person Form that contains a Text field called Name we could write a Lotusscript class called Person with two methods called getName() and setName(). The two methods, known as getters and setters, are then used to access the underlying Notes document.

This way of accessing data is very common. In Java you can't avoid it, they are called Java Beans. In Lotusscript it used to be a real pain to do because the Lotusscript editor didn't have an easy way to find what classes are available and what methods they have. That's all changed in Designer 8.5.1.

What hasn't changed is the fact that creating getters/setters is still a real pain. That's where the Dodo plug-in for Designer 8.5.1 comes in. It will automatically create object-oriented Lotusscript code for accessing Domino data.

Here's a Flash Movie which shows the plug-in in action.